It is not the purpose of psychological typology to classify human beings into categories—this in itself would be pretty pointless.—C. G. Jung

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Forums on Jung's Psychological Types

Gain a more balanced understanding of the types; share diverse perspectives; learn from questions and thinking on your feet; apply what you learn in your practice.

Forums consist of one-hour conference calls in small groups of up to eight people. They are offered as a series of ten calls. Handouts for the calls are provided in advance to ground the dialogue in Jung's theory. (Click here to see a sample handout.)

The GCI Forums enable small groups to gain a greater understanding of Jung's model of psychological types and its usefulness for individuation.

They enable colleagues from around the world to informally share their understanding. The stimulating interaction—thinking "on your feet," responding to questions, hearing others views—enrich the whole learning experience.

Inevitably, one's understanding of the types is colored by one's own psychological type preferences. As people share their diverse perspectives, everyone gains a more balanced view.

We organize groups by common professional affiliations (e.g. Jungian analysts, analysts in training, coaches, consultants, therapists).

The forums are intended to be a context for dialogue. The word dialogue comes from the Greek roots suggesting a "flow of meaning." They are conversations with a center but no sides, where insights and epiphanies can be born. The forums are facilitated by a highly trained faculty and the founder of Gifts Compass Inc.

We recommend the following books: Psychological Types, C. G. Jung; Jung's Compass of Psychological Types, James G. Johnston, founder of Gifts Compass Inc. You receive a handout via email prior to each session with a review of the type under consideration along with questions to initiate the dialogue. (Click here to see a sample handout.)


Please register your interest via email to learn more or to reserve a place in an upcoming forum.