Areas of Expertise
All GCI Advisors are certified through an intensive training program in Jung's original model of psychological types, their many practical applications, and their relevance to the centerpiece of Jung's depth psychology: individuation—the development of the unique person. They are a diverse international group of advisors. Their country of citizenship indicates either where they currently reside, or the countries for which they have legal citizenship. They have typically been trained in one or more other disciplines. Their areas of professional expertise are described below:

Analytical Psychology is Carl Jung's term for his model of depth psychology. Jungian analysts are certified by the International Association of Jungian Analysts (IAAP).

Psychology includes a focus on any of several applications of psychology.

is the practice of focusing on psychic problems with therapeutic techniques.

Coaching is the broad discipline of working with individuals to enhance their personal or professional growth. Personal and Life Coaches focus on personal growth and Executive Coaches focus on growth in the context of organizations.

Training and Consulting deal with organizational development and management.

Counseling includes personal, relational, and career counseling.

           Gifts Compass Advisors are intensively trained in the use of the GCI. We highly recommend that you work with a GCI Advisor in using any of our online tools. The advisor does not necessarily have to live in your home country. You can also work with an advisor over the Internet. Advisor web sites and contact information are included below.

GCI Advisor Network

   Languages Spoken

Last, First Name EN DE DA NL FR ES PT Loc.
van Frankenhuyzen, Caroline           NL
Smit, Ingrid           NL
Prins-Goodman, Vanessa         NL
Wirth, Stacy           CH
Miller, Barbara           NL
Schmid, David           CA
Schmal, Esther         NL
van Hage, Ria         NL
Berg, Misser           DK
Stein, Murray           CH
Tomlinson, Mary           CA
Fellows, Andrew           CH
Mendes, Pedro           CH
Almeida, Paula         PT
de Geode, Josette           NL
Mauntler, Barb             US
Moris, Luis         CL
Areias, Joana         PT
Rodrigues, Anne       PT/UK
Harada, Fusae             JP
Gruel, Nicole             AU/FR
Pessoa, Gustavo           BR
Sutton, Tamara             US
Schoedt, Ann           DK
Lang, Cathy             CA
Nader, Malgorzata             PL
Bergman, Herberto         BR
Mindelo, Nuno       PT

Caroline van FrankenhuyzenCaroline van Frankenhuyzen
Expertise: Psychology, Training, Coaching

Citizenship: NL; Languages: Dutch, English
Ever since studying and teaching psychology at the University of Amsterdam, I have been fascinated by leadership: who is actually influencing whom? I worked in the field of interrogation techniques, training police officers, where I learned that it is crucial to know one's own motives and to face them. In 1999, I joined the renowned leadership institute in the Netherlands, De Baak, where I helped develop and manage senior leadership programs as a member of the management team. I now operate my own leadership development practice for individuals and organizations, and continue to work as an associate of De Baak.
Education: M.S. Psychology, University of Amsterdam. Contact Caroline at: Learn more at:

Ingrid SmitIngrid Smit
Expertise: Training, Coaching

Citizenship: NL; Languages: Dutch, English
After a career as a teaching advisor, I worked for almost ten years as a manager for education television at a public service broadcasting company. In 2006, I established Smit & Ca, specializing in training and leadership coaching. I have a passion for learning and enjoy being around people who want to "take that next step." I feel very much at home in an international environment. My coaching style is all about discovery, awareness and making choices. Authenticity and cohesiveness are extremely important. And let's also not forget the importance of making way for enjoyment and success!
Education: B.Ed. University of Utrecht. Contact Ingrid at: Learn more at:

Vanessa PrinsVanessa Prins-Goodman
Expertise: Analytical Psychology, Psychology, Coaching

Citizenship: NL/BE/UK; Languages: French, Dutch, English
I am working as a coach and Jungian Analyst. I am based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and also work with clients from other parts of the world (France, Uk, United Sates). Having come from an international background (French, British, Belgian, and now married to a Dutchman) I often work with expats working in large companies or organisations. I deal with career, transcultural and transitional issues. I have a deep interest in midlife and the profound transitions at that stage of life that Jung called individuation.
Education: IAAP, Diplomate Analyst; M.A. Clinical and Industrial Psychology, Brussels University (ULB). Contact Vanessa at: Learn more at:

Stacy WirthStacy Wirth
Expertise: Analytical Psychology

Citizenship US/CH; Languages: English, German
Stacy is co-president of the Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists (AGAP) and a founding and faculty member of the International School for Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAPZurich). She co-chairs the school's annual Jungian Odyssey. Stacy has also helped guide the development of and training for the GiftsCompass Inventory.
Education: C.G. Jung Institute/Zurich, Diplomate Analyst; Mills College, B.A. with a concentration in dance and anthropology; Antioch University, M.A. in Psychology of Art. Contact Stacy at:

Barbara MillerBarbara Helen Miller
Expertise: Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: NL/US; Languages: English, Dutch

Barbara was the second solo-cellist with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra of the Netherlands before turning to Analytical Psychology. She is the author of Connecting and Correcting, A Case Study of Sami Healers in Porsanger and an independent scholar, working with the Research Group Circumpolar Cultures. She is also a Jungian analyst in private practice in the Netherlands.
Education: C.G. Jung Institute/Zurich, Diplomate Analyst; Ph.D. Anthropology, Leiden University; M.A. Psychology of Religion. Contact Barbara at:

David SchmidDavid Schmid
Expertise: Analytical Psychology

Citizenship: CA; Languages: English, German
David Marcus Schmid, J.D., Jungian Analyst-in-Training, is from Victoria, Canada. He has worked in private practice with clients in Victoria, as well as with MBA students at the International Institute of Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. David is a former Federal Prosecutor, and remains a practicing personal injury lawyer and certified family law mediator. He is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and past Board Member of Citizens' Counseling Center in Victoria, Canada.
Education: ISAPZurich, Diploma Candidate; University of Victoria, J. D. (Juris Doctor); University of British Columbia, B.A. (Psych). Contact David at:

Esther SchmalEsther Schmal
Expertise: Coaching, Training and Consulting

Citizenship: NL; Languages: Dutch, English, German
I'm a political scientist in HR. I design and roll-out programs to help people grow, and thus improve organizations from within. Curiosity is my main trigger: e.g. finding out what makes people 'tick', and exploring innovative and high tech environments. I've worked in the last 15 years for many top (tech) organizations and their brightest talents in the Brainport region (South-East of the Netherlands): multinationals (Philips, ASML), SME's, knowledge institutes (Eindhoven University of Technology), and governments (local, regional, national). My dominant GCI types are: conceptual (IT) and catalytic (EN): very useful 'gifts' in the current start-up of my own company 'Concepts for Development'.
Education: MSc Political Science (international relations) University of Amsterdam and Freie Universitat Berlin. Contact Esther at: Learn more at:

Ria van HageRia van Hage
Expertise: Counseling, Coaching, Training

Citizenship: NL; Languages: Dutch, English, French
I am driven by the richness and diversity of the inner life and how you can explore, unfold and express your own wisdom and individuate in your own way. In my twenties I lived and worked in Africa; in my thirties I worked as a B2B marketeer with Akzo Nobel based in the Netherlands. In my forties I developed as a counselor, coach and trainer facilitating the personal and professional growth of people and teams. I recently started the I-Focus-School.
Education: HBO European Institute for Coaching and Counseling. International Focusing Trainer. Contact Ria at: Learn more at:

Misser BergMisser Berg
Expertise: Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: DK; Languages: Danish, English
Misser lives, practices and teaches in Denmark. She is the Director of Training at the C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen, past President of the Danish Society for Analytical Psychology (DSAP), Chair of the public Jung Society in Copenhagen, Chair of the 2013 Conference of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP), and a member of the IAAP Executive Committee. She worked for several years as an architect with special interests in renewable energy and sustainability, before being trained as an analyst.
Education: C.G. Jung Institute Copenhagen with additional training in London and Berlin, Diplomate Analyst; Royal Danish Academy of Arts, M. Arch. Contact Misser at:

Murray SteinMurray Stein
Expertise: Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: US/CH; Languages: English, German

Murray is past President of The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich (ISAPZurich) and the International Association of Jungian Analysts. He is the author of several books including In MidLife, Jung's Map of the Soul, The Principle of Individuation. Most recently he has published Jungian Psychoanalysis in collaboration with an international team of Jungian psychoanalysts.
Education: C.G. Jung Institute/Zurich, Diplomate Analyst; Yale Divinity School, M.Div.; University of Chicago, Ph.D. Religion and Psychological Studies; Yale University, B.A. Contact Murray at:

Mary TomlinsonMary Tomlinson
Expertise: Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: CA; Languages: English, German

Mary lives in Toronto where she conducts her private practice. During her training in Zurich, she worked with clients in Zurich and at the Lausanne International School of Business. She practiced law for twenty-three years in Canada and co-authored the legal textbook, Children and the Law, before launching her career as Jungian analyst.
Education: ISAPZurich, Diplomate Analyst; University of Toronto, LLM (Master of Laws); Queen's University, JD (Doctor of Laws); Queen's University, BA in Economics. Contact Mary at:

Andrew FellowsAndrew Fellows
Expertise: Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: UK, CH; Languages: English, German

Andrew is originally from the UK. He has private practices in Bern and Zurich and has been a regular presenter at ISAPZurich, where he has also served on the Program Committee. He has also lectured on Jungian ecopsychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California and the ISAPZurich Jungian Odyssey in Grindelwald, and is currently writing a book on that subject. Prior to his training at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich and ISAPZurich, he was engaged internationally with renewable energy, sustainable development, and environmental policy, including serving as a Director of the British Wind Energy Association and Chairman of the Scottish Renewables Forum.
Education: ISAPZurich, Diplomate Analyst; University of Durham, Ph.D. in Applied Physics. Contact Andrew at:

Pedro MendesPedro Mendes
Expertise: Analytical Psychology, Psychology, Coaching
Citizenship: PT; Languages: Portuguese, English

Formerly graduated as a Naval Architect and Engineer, I studied Psychology getting later an MSc in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapies. My interest for Depth Psychology, namely analytical Psychology took me to England where I got an MA in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies. I’m a co-founder of the Núcleo Português de Estudos Junguianos, the first group in Portugal teaching Jung and Analytical psychology systematically through classes and workshops. Later I got a Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching. In Portugal, England and presently in Switzerland I work with individuals and groups as an ally in their journey of self-discovery.
Education: MSc in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapies; MA in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies; Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching. Contact Pedro at: Learn more at:

Paula AlmeidaPaula Almeida
Expertise: History and Library Science
Citizenship: PT; Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish

I work in a municipality in Portugal, in a service that deals mainly with the subjects of the Second World War, the Holocaust, and Totalitarian Ideologies, with a special regard for Portugal’s involvement. I have always felt very passionate about psychology and studied it on my own. I learned about Jung and his work in classes (2012/2013) offered by Núcleo Português de Estudos Junguianos, the first group in Portugal to systematically teach Jung and Analytical psychology. I completed my training as a GCI Advisor in 2013.
Education: History (1997) and Post-Graduate studies in Library Science (2001) Contact Paula at:

Josette de Geode Josette de Goede
Expertise: Change management, training, coaching
Citizenship: NL; Languages: Dutch, English

Within over 30 years in leadership and supervisory roles, I have done training, coaching, and consulting in various international contexts. From my own experience, I know the challenges of leadership in practice, and that has had a huge impact on my roles as coach, trainer, and consultant. My aim is to support transformation in a way that really works and that has a constructive impact on all stakeholders. I am intrigued by the drivers and success factors for individual or collective change, which is even more difficult in these turbulent times. My passion is to support organizations in finding new balances in a fast, light but profound way, and to support people in adjusting  to new situations and in becoming agile.  I enjoy challenging awareness, offering new perspectives, exploring and connecting interrelated factors in a clear and appealing way, and to connect all of this on a deeper level with the underlying forces of life. .
Education: MSc HEC, Consulting and Coaching for Change Oxford, Master Change management SIOO. Contact Josette at:

Barb Mauntler Barb Mauntler
Expertise: Executive Coaching, Organizational Development
Citizenship: US; Languages: English

Barb has 30 years of experience in the field of organization development, training and human resources. She has worked internally as an OD specialist in the healthcare and petrochemical industries and has consulted with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Barb has assisted multiple organizations design strategic plans that have helped them become clear about what they want to achieve. With her down-to-earth communication style, she has helped a variety of executive and management teams to become high performing and has coached high potential individuals to positions in the C-suite.
Education: Masters of Organization Development, Bowling Green State University; Certification from Corporate Coach University. Member of the International Coach Federation. Contact Barb at: Learn more at:

Luis MorisLuis Moris
Expertise: Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: CL; Languages: Spanish, English, French

Luis is a clinical psychologist and a Jungian analyst in training. He currently lives in Zurich, where he has a private practice as psychotherapist and trains at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP Zurich). In the past Luis has worked as a clinical psychologist in Texas and Lagos, Nigeria.
Education: Diploma Candidate at ISAP Zurich; Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. Contact Luis at:

Joana AreiasJoana Areias
Expertise: Life Coaching
Citizenship: PT; Languages: Portuges, Spanish, English

Formerly graduated as a Physical therapist I got two MA, one in Physical Therapy Sciences and the other in Health Management. It was in the latest that I came to know Coaching and its interesting results and impact on Human development. After being certificated as a Life Coach and later as a Master Coach, I decided that Coaching would be my career and changed my professional life completely. Later, I created my own line of work, specializing in helping clients to find their Life Purpose and creating the professional motivation they always wanted. Not long after I started to study with the Núcleo Português de Estudos Junguianos and saw my practice as a Coach reaching new levels. I now work with people in all parts of the world helping them to find their Life Purpose and living a more meaningful life.
Education: MSc in Physical Therapy, MA in Physical Therapy Sciences, MA in Health Management, Master Coach Certificate. Contact Joana at: Learn more at:

Anne RodriguesAnne Rodrigues
Expertise: Psychology, Psychotherapy, PsychoEnergetics
Citizenship: PT/UK; Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

Holding a double nationality (Portuguese & English), after having first worked as a translator and financial manager, Anne came to a second career choice by graduating in Clinical Psychology and getting a MSc in Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapies. She has also undergone several intensive trainings in body-mind approaches to the human psychology. She is currently studying with the Centre for Depth Psychology in Zurich, with a view to becoming a Jungian Analyst. Anne works in private practice mainly in a one-to-one setting.
Education: MA in Anglo-Saxon Languages & Literatures; MSc in Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapies; Brennan Healing Science Practitioner; PsychoEnergetics Practitioner. Contact Anne at:

Fusae HaradaFusae Harada
Expertise: Personal Development & Teenage Counseling
Citizenship: JP; Languages: Japanese, English

For the last 25 years I have been working with Japanese high school students who come to Australia for one to three years of study. As a founding Director of ICET (Inter Cultural Education Today), I have developed a cultural awareness and personal development course for young adults that includes communication styles, leadership styles and tools to build sound relationships. Typology knowledge is a key we use to open new ways of knowing oneself better and understanding others better on the journey of becoming independent.
Education: Spanish Arts & Latin American History; Counseling Diploma. Contact Fusae at:

Nicole GruelNicole Gruel
Expertise: Transpersonal Psychology, Counselling, Coaching
Citizenship: AU/FR; Languages: English

Nicole is a holistic counsellor, workshop facilitator, and writer. She works with people at the growing edges of human potential and specializes in spiritual emergence/emergency, spiritually transformative experiences, and exceptional human experiences. She has served as President for a regional chapter of the Australian Association for Psychological Type and was invited to write Chakradance for children. She is passionate about sustainable co-creation, community development through the arts, the sacred in the ordinary, and helping people engage and action their deepest wisdom and creative genius.
Education: PhD(c) in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (CIIS); MA in Transpersonal Psychology specializing in Creativity & Innovation (Sofia University); Diploma in Professional Counselling; Member of Australian Counselling Association. Contact Nicole at:

Gustavo PessoaGustavo Pessoa
Expertise: Analytical Psychology, Training, Career and Vocational Guidance
Citizenship: BR; Languages: Portuguese, English

My journey aligns with the GCI as I try to expand the understanding of psychological types to include cultural aspects and individuation. I’ve enrolled in my Masters Program back in 2010 with that goal in mind, having graduated in 2013 and published an article the Extraverted Sensation composite attitude and its creative role in life in 2011. From graduating in Psychology to now, I’ve spent my years studying the work of C. G. Jung while conducting private practice with adults and adolescents. My study groups have been centered around psychological types, career and vocation guidance and the phenomena of transference/countertransference. I believe relationship and purpose are fundamental to living a healthy life and I try to translate that by developing people as a partner in a consultancy firm and at my Jungian-based clinical work.
Education: MSc Developmental Psychology, University of São Paulo; Psychologist, Catholic University of São Paulo. Contact Gustavo at: Learn more at:

Tamara SuttonTamara Sutton
Expertise: Grief and Life Coaching
Citizenship: US; Languages: English

A certified Grief Coach and Life Coach since 2004, my expertise is helping individuals and families through life challenges and crisis to discover and use their deeper aspects and Truest Gifts toward the life they came here for. Author of Demetrius: My Gift of Life, a personal journal toward individuation. I am passionate about combining the GCI and a “roadmap” for navigating your unique journey as well.
Education: BA in Health Education, Post-Graduate studies in Adult, Continuing Ed. Michigan State University, Living in Atlanta, GA USA. Contact Tamara at: Learn more at:

Ann C. SchoedtAnn C. Schoedt
Expertise: Assessment & development of potential, intelligence, HSP, Impostor Phenomenon
Citizenship: DK; Languages: Danish, English, Swedish

Ann has been working with assessment since 1999 and from 2003-2011 as Human Resources Manager in international companies. She is the author of “Need-based HR Leadership” published in Danish and Swedish. From 2012 working dedicated with personal development of the 10% most intelligent and/or Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). A frequent blog writer and from 2012-2015 blogging for the largest newspaper in Denmark. A lecturer on intelligence, personality types, the Impostor Phenomenon and Human Resources.
Education: Graduate Diploma BA in Organization & Leadership, Copenhagen Business School, 2005, diploma as Relations Coach, the Shadow Company, Hilleroed, 2014, diploma in Basic Jungian Analysis, Jung Institute, Copenhagen, 2015. Certified in assessment tools from People Test Systems and SHL Group. Contact Ann at: Learn more at:

Cathy LangCathy Lang
Expertise: Organizational Development and Leadership Coaching
Citizenship: CA; Languages: English

My work as a consultant in the nonprofit sector engages diverse stakeholders including funders, NGO’s, academics, networks, local governments and emerging community groups. My focus is on assisting community and nonprofit leaders to design, reflect on and learn from innovative and impactful programming that contributes to healthy organizations and communities. I am a seasoned facilitator and adult educator. Recently, following my keen interest in Jungian philosophy and approaches to counseling, I enrolled in the first year of the Ontario Association of Jungian Analyst’s provincial training program. I am interested in the possibilities of integrating the Gift Compass into my organizational development and leadership coaching work and in designing experiences with those, like myself, who have encountered the great joy and challenges of using our immense imaginative capacity to realize the artist and innovator within.
Education: Masters degree in Adult Education; BA in Sociology and Philosophy; Bachelor of Social Work. Contact Cathy at: Learn more at:

Malgorzata NaderMalgorzata Nader
Expertise: Executive Coaching, Training and Consulting, Analytical Psychology
Citizenship: PL; Languages: Polish, English

Cooperates chiefly with business organizations—multinational corporations and family businesses. For over 20 years has inspired managers and other staff to develop both professional and personal capabilities and, as their individual and team consultant, trainer and coach, has accompanied them in expanding and improving competencies. In addition, Ms Nader pursues private practice conducting Jungian analysis in Warsaw.
Education: Graduated from the faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. Candidate for Jungian Analyst – Router in individual training with the International Association for Analytical Psychology. Certification: International Coaching Community. Member of the International Coach Federation and Polish Association for Analytical Psychology. Contact Malgorzata at: Learn more at:

Herberto BergmanHerberto Bergman
Expertise: Psycho-Organic Coaching
Citizenship: BR; Languages: Portugues, English, Spanish

Formerly graduated as an Electrical Engineer, I have worked with Top American and French Multinational Companies for more than 30 Years,+ from Technical Projects to Executive +Solution Center Director, Building and Leading high performance teams. Since my International Executive MBA in 2001, I have been studying about Jung and how to apply the typology to build and help people and teams. Later, I took the 1.5 year Psycho-Organic Coaching Program and turned my career to Personal and Executive Coaching, combining the Leadership Experience and the Coaching knowledge..
Education: Psycho-Organic Coaching at the Andaraluz Institut de Coaching Psycho-Organic (France/Brazil), International Executive MBA at Universidade de São Paulo and Electrical Engineering at Escola de Engenharia Mauá. Contact Herberto at: Learn more at:

Herberto BergmanNuno Mindelo
Expertise: Coaching and training in change management and personal and professional development.
Citizenship: PT. Languages: Portuguese; English; French; Spanish

Change fascinates me as an ignitor for personal and professional development! It was resisting change that I had the most difficult in life, and it was accepting and managing it that I could collect the most benefits. From the past, I bring 30 years’ experience in commercial aviation from Varig, Air Atlantis and TAP Air Portugal where I had the pleasure and privilege of coordinating dozens of teams.
Education: BSc In Public Relations, I got a PCC credential - Professional Certified Coach by ICF – International Coach Federation and since then more than 1800 hours of coaching with corporate and direct clients. ESCI – Emotional e Social Competency Inventory accreditation, GCI and the courses Foundations of Motivational Interviewing Parts I/II (Mid Atlantic ATTC), and Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Case Western Reserve University Dr. Richard Boyatzis) where very important learning steps. Know more in or email