. . . the birth of personality in oneself has a therapeutic effect. It is as if a river that had run to waste in sluggish side-streams and marshes suddenly found its way back to its proper bed, or as if a stone lying on a germinating seed were lifted away so that the shoot could begin its natural growth. —C. G. Jung

Testimonials from Graduates

"The GCI training has been an enriching experience not only for allowing me to work in depth with the Jungian theory of types, but to also practice it and to apply it in a very warm and creative space." —Jungian Analyst
". . . It allowed me to go further in my ability to help my clients deepen their human development. I confidently recommend this course to people and professionals who want to learn more about themselves and those with whom they interact." —Life Coach
“The Gifts Compass training has provided a well-grounded understanding of Jung’s type model, and illustrated how understanding the types is profoundly important for personal growth and transformation. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to go deeper.” —Organizational development consultant

The Gifts Compass Certification Training

A Comprehensive Study of Jung's Original Psychological Types

The Books

The Films

This ten-session online training thoroughly reviews Jung's original eight psychological types and their connection to depth psychology. The focus is type dynamics, both conscious and unconscious, rather than type classifications. We return to understanding the types as a compass, useful for navigating the realization of unique personality.

I would not for anything dispense with this compass on my psychological voyages of discovery. C. G. Jung

The centerpiece of Carl Jung's psychology is individuation—the development of the uniquely whole person. The original subtitle for his book, Psychological Types, was "The Psychology of Individuation." Returning to his initial premise, this training presents psychological types as a compass useful for becoming whole—individuation.

Because the training is online, it is often international. Yet you never need to travel further thanyour own computer. Meet colleagues from other countries in the comfort of your own home oroffice. We keep the training groups small to allow for ample dialogue.

For more information and current pricing, please send an email to info@giftscompass.com

What You Will Gain

  • New practical applications for analysis, therapy, coaching, and counseling
  • A comprehensive grasp of Jung's original 8 types
  • A broad understanding of Jung's psychology
  • Greater insight into your clients—who they are at their core, the gifts they carry, and unconscious compensations
  • A deeper understanding of yourself, your gifts, and your own individuation
  • Connections to an online learning community of GCI Advisors, knowledgeable about the applications of Jung’s types
  • Support from GCI staff in

Upon successfully completing the training, you will be registered as a GCI Advisor

Members of our Gifts Compass faculty of Jungian analysts and experts in psychological type deliver the training sessions. The dialogue is interactive and stimulating.