. . . the birth of personality in oneself has a therapeutic effect. It is as if a river that had run to waste in sluggish side-streams and marshes suddenly found its way back to its proper bed, or as if a stone lying on a germinating seed were lifted away so that the shoot could begin its natural growth. —C. G. Jung

GCI Results

GCI Certification Training

I would not for anything dispense with this compass on my psychological voyages of discovery.—C. G. Jung speaking of the four functions as a compass

The centerpiece of Carl Jung's psychology is individuation—the development of the uniquely whole person. The original subtitle for his book, Psychological Types, was "The Psychology of Individuation." Returning to his initial premise, this training presents psychological types as a compass useful for becoming whole—individuation.

What You Will Gain

Insight into the "union of opposites" as a way to wholeness
A broad understanding of Jung's psychology
A comprehensive grasp of Jung's original 8 types
Enlightened perspectives on the types as a compass for individuation
Practical applications for many modes of therapy, coaching, and counseling
An understanding of how personal destiny is shaped by both the favored and "shadow" types
A greater appreciation for people—who they are at their core, the gifts they carry, and the struggles they bear
A deeper understanding of yourself, your gifts, and your individuation


This course serves as the certification training for the GiftsCompass Inventory (GCI), a self-awareness inventory that provides a nuanced report of preferences for each of the eight types. Upon successfully completing the training, you will be registered as a GCI Advisor.

The course consists of nine sessions; most are 90-minutes. They are usually delivered online, each about two weeks apart. (On-site training is also available when trainees are from the same geographical area.) We typically limit the online training groups to six or fewer participants, to optimize the learning experience. Members of our Gifts Compass faculty of Jungian analysts and experts in psychological type deliver the training sessions. The dialogue is interactive and stimulating. Because the training is held in an online meeting room, people from anywhere in the world can be in the online training room at the same time.

Reading: We read C. G. Jung's original text, Psychological Types and also Jung's Compass of Psychological Types by James Graham Johnston. Other suggested readings include segments from two other books by C. G. Jung: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology and Introduction to Jungian Psychology: Notes on the Seminar Given in 1925.


The faculty and trainers include Murray Stein, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Zurich, CH; Stacy Wirth, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Zurich, CH; Barbara Helen Miller, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Amsterdam, NL; Vanessa Prins-Goodman, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Amsterdam, NL; David Marcus Schmid, J.D. Jungian Analyst-in-training, Berlin, Germany, Kathryn Cook-Deegan, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Washington D.C., United States; Manfred Peters, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Stockholm, Sweden; Pedro Mendes, psychologist and Ph.D. candidate in Jungian studies, Bern Switzerland; Anne Rodrigues, psychologist and Jungian Analyst-in-training, Lisbon, Portugal, and James Johnston, founder of Gifts Compass and architect of the Gifts Compass Inventory, United States.

To Learn More

Interested? We will send a full description of the training and the current tuition to you. You are welcome to take the training simply to learn more about Jung's types and their applications for individuation. If you do the training to become certified as a GCI Advisor, we will refund your tuition after you are using the GCI with clients. Contact us to learn more.