And so one must be what one is: one must discover one's individuality, that center of personality, which is equidistant between the conscious and the unconscious: we must aim for that ideal point towards which nature appears to be directing us.— C. G. Jung

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Understanding a person's preferred psychological types provides important insights about the person's history, strengths, trouble spots, and opportunities for growth. The GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI), illustrates graduated preferences for each of the eight psychological types described by Carl Jung in his seminal book, Psychological Types. The three or four types most accessible to consciousness are illuminated as lead types, and those less accessible types—the "inferior" or "shadow types" are also identified.

Jung's conceptual "compass" of psychological types played a key role in navigating the "voyages of discovery" that he termed individuation—the full expression of the unique person. The subtitle for the first edition of Psychological Types was "The Psychology of Individuation."

As important as the lead types in his model are the less accessible oppositional types—the "shadow types." Individuation engages perpetual movement toward a union of these opposites—a process of "becoming whole."

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