Reflecting (Northwest Heading)

    ARTful people with a NW Compass Heading, if they have been true to their authentic nature, have learned to tap the rich and creative inner life that is so readily accessible to them. If practical demands have impeded their attention to the creative inner life, they may choose to pursue their creative passion. If they feel inwardly fulfilled, the second half of life often provides an opportunity for a more vigorous extraverted engagement with the world at large.
    Formulating (Northeast Heading)

    ARTful people predisposed to a NE Compass Heading have often capitalized on their ability to think imaginatively and to solve complex problems. Accomplished in these endeavors, in the second half of life, they will often enjoy a more extraverted and socially engaged lifestyle.
    Associating (Southwest Heading)

    ARTful people with a SW Compass Heading have often thrived on their ability to relate to others and to create harmony in groups. They are often very good at empathizing with the values and viewpoints of others. The second half of life provides an opportunity to step back and contemplate life more fully and objectively.
    Producing (Southeast Heading)

    ARTful people with a SE Compass Heading have often been the ones leading the charge, managing the projects, getting things done. They typically understand well how to produce tangible results and meet goals and objectives. In the second half of life, they may seek deeper meaning and enduring spiritual connections.

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.—Thomas Merton

Point to GCI Heading

Balance Your Life After 40

The second half of life gets interesting. You may have established good friends, a career, a family, or a firm direction in life. Yet after midlife, all of that may not seem to be enough. You may yearn for more—more growth, more interests, more talents, more meaning, more value. In the second half of life a desire for wholeness becomes more acute. In the second half of life, it becomes increasingly important to live ARTfully.

The GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI) helps you see the gifts that come most naturally to you and it also provides insight about the unexplored parts of yourself that can help bring greater balance, wholeness, and meaning to your life.

After you take the GCI, point to your preferred compass heading above to learn more about becoming whole in the second half of life.

Take the GCI and chart a course to greater balance and wholeness.