What is ARTful Living?

If all people can be classified as some type—male/female, tall/short, young/old—we might think of people who have lived full lives, but who want still more personal growth and development, as Advanced Renaissance Types—"ARTful" types.

These are the people who have arrived at a time in life—often about age 40—when they feel that they have reached a comfortable level of maturity, yet want something more. If felt as an acute need, it might feel like a "mid-life" crisis. These are people who have developed one side of their lives, but now want to explore new interests, develop untapped aspects of themselves, or make some new contribution in the world.

These are the people who are still well on the road to individuation—growth to a full and well-lived life.

Are You an ARTful Type?

The second half of life—from about age 40 on—can be focused more on the full flowering of your unique individuality. As your full individuality unfolds, your other less obvious and less used gifts become more available to you.

You need not wait until "retirement" to live more ARTfully. We reject the 3 boxes of life—Childhood, Working Years, and Retirement—because that paradigm implies the decline rather than growth and fulfillment of your full potential.

Living a full and expanding life often begins as the first half of life comes to closure. You have found your ego strengths; you are comfortable navigating the world and relationships around you.

Now it is time to follow that call within you to a greater and more profound sense of yourself and your full capabilities.