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About the Gifts Compass (GCI) Job Profile

The GCI Job Profile will enable you to compare the gifts needed for certain work or job with your own preferred gifts. To complete the GCI Job Profile, you must have completed the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI). If you have not, click here to do the GCI. The cost is 60 Euros or $75 USD. After you take the GCI, the Job Profile is free. You may assess as many jobs as you like at no additional cost. If you have taken the GCI, log in here with your user name and password to proceed.

Complete the Gifts Compass Job Profile

The Gifts Compass™ Job Profile is easy to complete and consists of three simple steps.

Step 1: Provide a job title and briefly describe the job in one or two lines.
Step 2: Identify three important core competencies for the job.
Step 3: Answer some questions about the job.

Please provide a job title for the work you are assessing.

Job Title:

How would you briefly describe the work to someone, in one or two sentences? (Your description will appear on the GCI Job Profile.)

For example, if the job title is project architect, you might say: Oversee the design and construction of architecture.

Or, if the job title is restaurant server, you might say: Serve food to customers in an upscale restaurant.

Job Description: