What is a "Compass Heading"?

Your preferred Compass Heading (NWラReflecting, SWラAssociating, NEラFormulating, or SEラProducing) generally indicates what you tend to enjoy doing most naturally.

You can use your Compass Heading at the web site to gain greater self-awareness for important choices related to personal growth, career planning, learning styles, relationships, or work.

Especially in the first half of life, it is important to develop your natural Compass Heading. This is where you will most quickly develop a sense of confidence and self esteem. You can certainly also feel comfortable with attributes associated with other Compass Headings, especially in the second half of life, but your preferred heading will likely always feel like "home."

There are four Compass Headings, each with distinctly different attributes:

  • NW: Reflecting
  • NE: Formulating
  • SE: Producing
  • SW: Associating

Our web site has been designed to help you understand your personal Compass Heading as it relates to various life choices. After you have completed the GiftsCompass Inventory (GCI) learn more about yourself by simply clicking on your preferred GCI Heading.