Reflecting (Northwest Heading)

    A NW Heading indicates a need to spend much time alone, sometimes in deep reflection. Reading may be a favorite pastime, for it allows time to understand and reflect on life more deeply. People with a NW Heading may be highly artistic and, like many with artistic temperaments, may be very difficult to understand. An inner life of imagination, sacred values, compelling images and inspirations are often of continual allure. They often find some ideal to which they feel very deeply commited. That quiet and deep commitment to idealistic values may show up as prickly stubbornness if those values are threatened.
    Formulating (Northeast Heading)

    A NE Heading indicates an active inner life where questions are continually pondered. Those questions often take the form of scientific, philosophical, or technical inquiry. It is not uncommon for children with a NE Heading to be one big question mark, asking seemingly endless questions beginning with the word "Why." As adults, they may need time away from family to just think and to contemplate some complex problem or issue. People with a NE Heading may adapt to family activities or outings, but may also get drained by those social affairs unless there is ample opportunity for contemplative thinking.
    Associating (Southwest Heading)

    A SW Heading indicates a passionate interest in family harmony. People with a SW Heading are often quick to adapt and empathize with many different individual needs and perspectives. Whether as children or adults, their focus is often on people getting along. They may "throw themselves into the breach" to heal disharmony. They often see to the tangible needs of people while remaining quite mindful of the potential growth. They will often encourage others to be active in social events and clubs and they often shine in active roles in the neigborhood or community. Time spent alone or aloof from others may feel alien to their nature.
    Producing (Southeast Heading)

    A SE Heading indicates a predisposition for order, organization, and operating rules. People with a SE Heading may have their standard methods for doing everything—from family chores to vacations. They often favor organization in every aspect of family life, including appointed meal times, uncluttered rooms, and regular schedules. They are also prone to action. Once the facts are known or the idea settled on, they are often the first to get things organized and done. Living with family disorder is challenging and many a rough edge has been polished smooth in a family where thoughts and opinions are shared openly.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.—Richard Bach

Point to GCI Heading

Supportive Families

Do you want to create a family that supports the unique value of each individual?

We may choose our friends, but our families are given to us. In families, we have the unusual opportunity to be intimately acquainted with others who may be quite different from ourselves: siblings, children, parents, relatives—all with unique personalities. They are our personal sampling of a very diverse society.

With the The GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI), you gain a fuller understanding of others in your family and a greater appreciation of their gifts. After you take the GCI, point to the compass headings above to learn more about yourself or others in your family.

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