I definitely can see many college students benefiting from the program. This type of career interest exploration is much more interactive than filling in bubbles: It causes you to truly examine a career path from all important angles. (V.L., college freshman)

I believe the GCI is an essential tool for all students, both undergraduate and graduate, to evaluate and discover where their real passion resides. I have participated in similar assessments, and have been left wanting. The GCI . . . enables the counselor to evaluate each person individually, rather than with a “one-size-fits-most” approach. The Discover Your Passion consult is enlightening! (S.M., nontraditional student)

GCI Results

The GCI for Universities, Colleges, and Schools

It is as if a river that had run to waste in sluggish side-streams and marshes suddenly found its way back to its proper bed, or as if a stone lying on a germinating seed were lifted away so that the shoot could begin its natural growth. —C. G. Jung

Would you like your students to have a clear sense of their best gifts and discern the work they could be truly passionate about? Our Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) and Discover Your Passion instruments will enable you to do that.

What You Would Gain

Counselors and advisors would be better able to provide guidance tailored to individual students. Students would gain greater self-awareness and sharper career discernment. Faculty would be better able to teach to students' learning styles. Your school could become well known for successfully orienting students to their best gifts and their fullest potential. Appreciative future alumni would be more passionate about, and engaged with, their alma mater.

Sample our Program at No Cost

We will do an online pilot demonstration with four of your students, inviting career counselors or faculty advisors to sit in. After seeing how your students respond to the GCI and Discover Your Passion instruments, you can decide if they are right for your school. If you like what you see . . .

We will train you in the use of the GCI and Discover Your Passion instruments! The cost of the program varies depending on the number of people being trained, and the number of students enrolled. We will work with you and do our best to provide a program that comfortably meets your budget.

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Before and After

Before the GCI: I have some understanding of what gifts I have, but I do not have any idea how they could help in guiding my career direction. I think a clearer understanding of my gifts and a career direction would be helpful.
After: I believe that my goals are more clear to me now. Before, I had little idea of what my gifts were and how they correlated with the future I have planned for myself. I now know what steps to take next. (S.W., college sophomore)

Before the GCI: As of right now, I am certain of the career path I want to follow: working in an administrative position in the healthcare field. As for "gifts", I suppose I'm unsure as to what would qualify as a gift that I may possess that might enable me to excel in this field.
After: I still plan on majoring in Healthcare Administration, but I am contemplating minoring in something that might engage my creative side . . . I am aware that there is a chance that if I do not engage my more creative nature, I may find work tedious after awhile. (K.S., college junior)