Reflecting (Northwest Heading)

    People who naturally prefer this heading also tend to know the inner life as a refreshing and enjoyable home to which they can return when buffeted by the storms of life. Finding the numinous Spirit within tends to be more real for them than most outward experiences of living.

    Yet, for full spiritual formation, their interests and attention will also move outward to the world of tangible action and progress toward specific concrete goals. It is a movement that may seem awkward at first, but that eventually acquires energy and the satisfaction of a life-well lived.
    Formulating (Northeast Heading)

    People with a NE Compass Heading are often disposed to seeing life holistically—the big picture view—and to seeking an understanding of spiritual growth that resonates with their sense of logical purpose. The starting place for this heading is normally introverted and intellectual—engaging in those spiritual practices that have order, purpose and meaning.

    For full spiritual formation, the direction of development would eventually be outward to the more unpredictable and spontaneous relationships with others. Spiritual formation occurs not just through that trusted relationship with numinous Spirit within, but also through the more tangible and personal relationships without.
    Associating (Southwest Heading)

    People with a SW Compass Heading are often disposed to developing Spiritual growth through relationships with others. Their sense of wellbeing and Spiritual connection is linked to their sense of harmonious relationships. Their Spiritual practices will tend to occur in the company of others.

    Yet there is also an inward and purposeful side that must be developed. The journey to wholeness for people disposed to this heading can often include increased time alone contemplating the purpose and direction of their lives.
    Producing (Southeast Heading)

    People with a SE Compass Heading are often disposed to progress—seeing the tangible results of their efforts. The starting place for this heading could be attending to the practical needs of worthwhile projects. The approach to Spirit that feels most comfortable for people preferring this heading, often take the shape of structured and consistent practices.

    The inward journey to the less tangible Spirit can seem foreign for people disposed to this heading; yet that is the direction of growth to wholeness and full spiritual formation. After all, "the outward work can never be great if the inward work is small or of little worth."

The glory of God is the human person fully alive.—Irenaeus of Lyons

Point to GCI Heading

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation acknowledges that: Who you are is God's gift to you and that who you become is your gift to God.

The GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI) can help you navigate the spiritual journey. It identifies a starting place—the orientation toward life experience that feels most natural— as well as a glimpse of the comprehensive spiritual growth ahead. After you take the GCI, point to your preferred compass heading above to learn more about your gifts and spiritual formation.

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