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If you are looking for the passion that is yours, and yours alone to follow, you have come to the right place. Many have been here before you and left with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.


  • Believing that we can only succeed personally and professionally if we live according to our inner calling, the voice that tells us what we really are and might become as an individual—what Jung called individuation, I found in the GCI a compass to help me and others achieve their full potential. PM Portugal, age: 30's
  • Arriving at an unexpected turning point in my life, I had to reinvent my personal and professional life. In the "eye of the tornado" the GCI and the Discover Your Passion process were objective and accurate ways to identify my gifts and realize how to build up in line with them. PM, Portugal, age: 30's
  • The Discover Your Passion process helped me quickly identify the place where my passions and talents truly align. I am spending this year honing my skills and building new relationships and plan to launch my new journey next year. Best of all, I have a new spring in my step every morning when I jump out of bed. KB United States, age: 50's

Do you want to better understand where your passion lies? Would you like to have a clearer sense of life direction? Then doing our simple 5-step exercise will help you to Discover Your Passion. First identify your best gifts, then describe your dream of life, and finally name your favorite interests. When you have those three in hand—your gifts, dream, & interests—we will help you find the passion that includes all three.

Step 1: Your Gifts

Are you ready to begin? Click here to sign in with the ID and password that you used to do the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI).

If you have not yet done the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI), you can do it now. Click here to take the GCI. You must have your GCI Personal Profile to use the Discover Your Passion portal. The GCI Profile costs 60 Euros or $75 US Dollars. After you pay for the GCI Profile, the Discover Your Passion portal will be open to you at no additional cost.

Step 2: Your Dreams

Step 3: Your Interests

Step 4: Discover Your Passion

Step 5: Next Steps