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   Becoming Whole:
   Jung's Types and Individuation   

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In the last letter, we looked at oppositions--psychological types that oppose the dominant type, inducing individuation.

In this email, we will consider the collaborations that amplify those oppositions. I welcome your comments. 

A person usually prefers one of the eight types--the dominant type--but it does not stand alone. At least one other type comes to its aid as an auxiliary type for a more fully differentiated orientation to life.

Jung noted that the auxiliary is different in all respects. So a feeling function, for example, would be supported by a perceiving function--sensation or intuition--different in all respects from the rational functions.

Yet he also noted that the auxiliary should not "contradict" the "sovereignty" of the dominant. This is a conundrum: the supporting function must be different in all respects, yet must not oppose the sovereign orientation of the dominant function.

The directional orientation of the auxiliary function solves the dilemma. A function different in all respects is rendered supportive to the dominant type with the addition of a congruent directional orientation.

Extraverted feeling, for example, could be beneficially supported by extraverted sensation. Sensation is different in all respects; yet the compatible extraverted orientations of the two types render the auxiliary supportive.   

Just as collaborations occur in the conscious domain, similar collaborations occur to support the inferior type. In this way, the oppositions are reinforced, and the drama of individuation is accentuated.


James Johnston


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