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Becoming Whole:
   Jung's Types and Individuation   

     Extraverted Sensation: The Practical Gifts
January 2013

To feel the object, to have sensations and if possible to enjoy them--that is his constant aim. (CW 6, par. 607)

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Thanks to the course, I have re-discovered the joy of working at and with the full range of people's potential. As a coach and a leadership trainer, this tool offers me great resources. For my clients, the Gifts Compass is a true eye opener and a thorough support. 
--Catherine Dumont de Chassart, Co-acitve Coach and Trainer

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Dear James Graham
In the last letter, we reviewed the far-seeing and imaginative type, introverted intuition, referring to it as visionary intuition for its ability to apprehend grand visions. In this letter, we will review its opposite, extraverted sensation. On the Gifts Compass, we refer to it as the "practical" gift set. It is the most well grounded, sensually aware type on Jung's compass.  

Extraverted Sensation: The Practical GiftsExtraverted Sensation
Fully oriented to the outer object--the world we live in--extraverted sensation is highly attuned to what is commonly considered reality.

Reality for extraverted sensation is all that is perceived by the five senses. Concrete facts and details are perceived with utmost acuity. Every fact, detail, and fine point is precisely recorded.       
Like scanning radar, the five senses are forever at work detecting some new perception. The orientation for extraverted sensation is extensive--seeking many facts. It's cousin, introverted sensation, is intensively focused on certain special perceptions.    


Unlike the rational types that assess order, extraverted sensation just detects what is real and affirms it. The many nuances, varieties, and details of each sensation are enough to fully occupy this type of consciousness, for sensation feels like the expression of life itself. 


People disposed to these gifts often enjoy life to the full. Their love of experience makes them lovers of life. They can enjoy a good time, a well prepared meal, or a colorful event and they can be very enjoyable company.


They often feel at home in the world, adapting remarkably well to circumstances as they find them. They are keenly aware of their surroundings and are very good at realistically and practically assessing new situations.   
They can differentiate sensation to a level of aesthetic purity. Like Julia Child, the American chef who popularized French cooking, their tastes can be so well cultivated that they ". . . would rather eat one tablespoon of chocolate russe cake than three bowls of Jell-O!"



James Graham Johnston 
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